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What are the costs if I fill out the driver inquiry form and send it back to you?

With the completed driver questionnaire, you will incur neither in costs nor obligations. We need your
details in order to be able to prepare an offer for you and to find the suitable driver for you at a later stage.

How long does the mediation take?

This clearly depends on which additional qualifications such as ADR, forklift license etc. the driver you
are looking for must have. Generally speaking, the mediation takes between 2 and 4 weeks from the
conclusion of the contract.

When is the commission due?

The agency commission is due only in case the driver we have placed has worked with you for the
calendar days specified in advance. This means what do not offer you the so-called “pig in a poke”, since
you are entitled to test the new driver.

Are there any other agency costs in addition to the commission?

The short answer is to this question is: No

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