Do you want to finally hire reliable drivers?

A lack of drivers results in many problems

Are you not able to process your orders smoothly because of a lack of drivers?

Or is it already that your customers and employees are annoyed and there is a risk of losing existing orders?

And in addition there are time pressure and stress….

Nobody who has not been through it personally knows how difficult the transport industry can be.

In logistics there is an enormous pressure. On the one hand the legislator constantly burdens the transport sector with new legal requirements and tolls, and, on the other hand there are customers who always want both a faster and cheaper delivery. Furthermore, there is a huge time pressure you cannot reduce and increases the problems.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, there is the additional and never-ending back and forth with the drivers:

  • The good professional drivers are retiring and there are no new ones in sight to replace them …
  • Ads have been placed, drivers have been looked for… However, no results…
  • And if new truck drivers are found, they want to be at home every day and then still have high demands …
  • The driver was there for a while, but just complained and caused lots of stress instead of earning money for the company …
  • And so on…

Did you make a similar experience?

However, in reality, the only thing you want is a peaceful way of working, and the achievement of your objectives to be able to relax in the evening.

However, you need drivers who do their job in a reliable and noiseless manner.

What do you have to do to find such truck drivers?

This is how truck drivers are found!

The solution is a suitable driver placement service! To successfully hire drivers, they must also be suitable for your company.

Already heard of all this? May be!

But please ask yourself the question: Did it really work for me?
Did I get the chance to hire drivers on a long-term basis?

We help you to put the theory into practice by showing you what must be done to meet the expectations of the market

You have your ideas, while the professional driver has his own. What we do is putting these ideas together in a targeted manner so that you can successfully hire drivers to finally focus on the crucial aspects of your work again.

Do you want this?

If you do, ask for non-binding information!

However, does this work and does this help me?

Customers we have already worked with have achieved concrete successes!


…The challenge here was to occupy our swap body truck with a double crew. Our own high standards, also towards our customers, presupposed that in this context reliability and punctuality are in the foreground … Thanks to your meticulous support, we had been able to meet our requirements within a very short term by occupying our truck accordingly…

TUH GmbH , Hermsdorf

…The Polnische Fahrer” has often been able to provide us with drivers having an ADR license and the requirement of knowing German or English at short notice. We have made satisfying experience in connection with personnel recruitment and will be happy to come back on your services if wee need drivers in the future…

Holsten Oel , Neumünster

…The objective of the driver procurement was to provide us with qualified CE drivers used in the field of food transport during the day and at night. Thanks to your professional and smooth support, we had been able to hire new driver colleagues in a punctual way. In addition, we would like to thank you for your advice on the current driver market situation as this represents an added value for us…

Staschinski Transporte , Bielefeld

…In the month of April 2016 we commissioned IGC to provide our company with drivers. Thanks to the cooperation with IGC, we were able to fill our fleet with new colleagues coming from Poland. The mediated drivers have worked well and we were entirely satisfied…

LUBO-TRANS GmbH, Gersdorf

… They were able to suggest several bus drivers for our job application. Rolled into one: We were able to hire a candidate we are very satisfied with up to the present day. We will be very happy to continue our cooperation with you…

Fuchs Omnibusreisen, Oschersleben

…The applicants proposed to us had been carefully selected, they matched our expectations and could be hired immediately…

Transportunternehmen Dirk Mammitzsch, Heidenau